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Folklore Event

December 9

The Fauns were venerated divinities among the shepherds of antiquity, as protectors of the fields and of the flocks: they defended the crops from the bad weather and the animals from the wolves. The event that annually heats Norcia streets is the way that comes directly from the past to exorcise the arrival of winter, to ask for protection from the gods in view of the first colds. With the arrival of Christianity pagan festivals began to take on the characteristics of religious festivals, transforming the condemned heresies into Christian facts worthy of memory.

The origins of the Fauns come to us, now, from 1291, when Nazareth, invaded by the infamous Ottomans, risked being destroyed. A host of angels then took the house of the Madonna from here to the Adriatic coast, in Loreto. According to the legend, the path passed over the Norcia sky. It is for this reason that every 9 December from that date the inhabitants of Norcia light large fires: to keep the memory of the passage alive and to illuminate the journey for the divine couriers.


December 9


Norcia Downtown
Norcia Downtown, Italy

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