Altro Canto 1 Vers Un Pays Sage Maillot

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Altro Canto 1 Vers Un Pays Sage Maillot

October 15 - November 17

For their first show of the season in Monaco, Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo are performing two iconic pieces of Jean- Christophe Maillot’s repertoire. Each in its way exalts the bodies of dancers. While Altro Canto 1 magnifies their androgynous shapes by candlelight, Vers un Pays Sage is a moment of pure physicality which hunts down the least bit of downtime to better celebrate life.

Halfway between the statuary of cathedrals and the twilight zone of a Georges de La Tour, Altro Canto is a work which uplifts the androgynous bodies following the dramatic accents of the Monteverdi Magnificat. Though Jean-Christophe Maillot does not necessarily develop a specific theme to lead his ballet, it is actually the score of the italian composer which is he true heartbeat of the piece. The music literally runs through the dancers. It echoes through them giving birth to a choreography where the bodies sway, vibrate, shift and ascend again and again on a spiritual quest of religious and pagan beliefs..


October 15
November 17


Monaco – Grimaldi Forum – Salle des Princes
Monaco, Monaco

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